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What’s the difference between a deadbolt and a deadlatch?

In Australia, deadbolts and deadlatches are two very popular locks for residential properties.

Most home and contents insurance policies have a requirement that either a double keyed deadbolt or deadlatch be installed on your doors before you’re eligible for full home and contents insurance coverage.

There are plenty of options for both of these types of locks. We recommend speaking to a professional locksmith about the different products available to find out which locks would best suit your home.

Before you speak to Temple Locksmiths, let’s run over what deadbolts and deadlatches actually are.

What is a deadbolt?

A deadbolt is a keyed locking device whereas the locking component of the lock is rebated into the door edge. The door must be closed fully before the key either inside or out is rotated which then deploys the locking bolt in to the door frame.

Once locked, a deadbolt will require a key from either the inside or outdoor to unlock it.

What is a deadlatch?

A deadlatch as opposed to a deadbolt has a spring loaded metal latch which locks into the door frame. The big difference is that a deadlatch is self locking when the door is closed, it doesn’t require a key to lock the door into place.

You will still need to lock a deadlatch from the inside using a key before leaving your home and a key to open it from outside.

Why a deadlatch or a deadbolt?

The reason insurance companies require deadbolts or deadlatches is due to the fact that the door when ‘deadlocked’ means that the door can not be opened from inside without a key. This means in the case of a intruder entering through a window they can not exit via a door carrying your property.

Assess your own home and ensure you have locks on your doors and windows. If you need help securing your premises, give Temple Locksmiths & Security a call today.

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