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Lock Repair Eltham MelbourneYour Local Locksmith Can Repair Your Locks

A common request we receive at Temple Locksmiths and Security from our customers is that a trusted door lock or locking device, one that is a quality product is no longer locking as it used to. When we encounter this situation, we’ll often recommend the lock can be repaired rather than replaced.

We often find that these locks are high traffic locks that get used multiple times during the day, usually to a front door in a residential property or a busy staff access at a business with our commercial clients.

A faulty, worn or unreliable locking product can be frustrating and annoying for the people that use it, most importantly the decline in the physical security aspect that the lock was designed for is a major concern. A less than optimal lock can leave your premises vulnerable to unauthorised entry resulting in theft and damage to goods and property contained inside the building. A non-working lock can also compromise your insurance claim in the case of a break in.

When our customers bring these issues to our attention our first consideration is can the lock be repaired and given a second life which reinstates the security aspect of the lock and yet again secures what is valuable to the customer.

We find that many of the locks on the market we encounter are often repairable, we’re able to do this in several ways. Temple Locksmiths and Security can source new parts to retrofit damaged and worn parts in the lock and restore the lock to a working and reliable product and add years to the life of the lock.

This is sometimes the applicable thing to do as if we discover the premises has as series of matched or common themed locks, simply replacing the lock with a new modern one is not always an option.
The reason for this is that we’ll often encounter locks that are over 30 to 40 years old and in their time were high quality locks but unfortunately are no longer made. As there is a theme throughout the premises changing that lock for a new modern version will not suit the customer so we’ll need to repair the device.

If parts are not available our trade qualified locksmiths are trained and experienced in engineering and fabrication techniques and can often make a new part to suit an old or vintage lock bringing life and security back to a trusted lock.

With vintage brass locks, over many years of use the internal components wear due to the brass being a soft material, our locksmiths in eltham can repair these worn brass components by taking raw brass material and with files, precision tools and know how create from scratch a new working part to install into the vintage lock, repairing it back to new.

With newer products Temple Locksmiths and Security can repair locks with individual internal components as we have access to a wide array of brands and products, that coupled with our dealer networks we have the ability to source parts to repair many modern locks in the market.

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