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Whether it be a residential, commercial or industrial application Temple Locksmiths and Security can offer lock fitting for a wide and varied array of differing locking products.

Lock fitting usually comes under three categories of door, that being timber, metal or glass doors. Each situation has its own challenges, our customers expect the highest workmanship and our eltham locksmiths pride themselves in providing our customers the best lock fitting results first time and every time.

Fitting locks into the various door materials requires having accurate measurements, sharp tools and an eye for detail. Temple Locksmiths and Security also carry many specialised lock fitting tools to enable us to approach each lock fitting project with the confidence that we can fit the new locks with very tight tolerances, this ensures two things, one is that the lock is installed correctly as per the manufactures specifications so as the product does exactly as it’s designed to do, which is secure the door that it is fitted to and two, be aesthetically pleasing meaning there are no chips out of the wood, gaps around the locking components and the lock is installed neatly and professionally.

When we’re working with metal and glass doors exact precision is critical as these materials cannot be added back into the door after they are drilled or cut, so high quality is paramount when fitting locks into these types of doors, we have the skills and experience to ensure that locks fitted to metal and glass doors are completed correctly the first time and completed in a perfect condition.

Often lock fitting is required when a retro fit of new locks to an old door is the solution for the physical locking situation. This is the type of job that Temple Locksmiths and Security encounter very often. Our mobile workshop carries a full range of high-quality new locks and when a retro fit is required, we’re able to modify the existing door to fit the new lock in the old lock’s place, the result is a secure and visually pleasing finish that will last for years.

If you have windows that need bolts, sliding doors, garage roller doors or any other access points at your residential, commercial or industrial property that needs lock fitting, call us on 0468 333 500 to find out how we can provide lock fitting options to you or simply send us an email at help@templelocksmiths.com.au.