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How to choose the best locks for your windows


What are the right security options for your windows? Window locks are the perfect solution for not only keeping people out of your house, but also for keeping people in.

Accidents are a common occurrence with children, as some may attempt to climb through windows, potentially falling through or breaking them. Locks can help to minimise this risk and prevent injury or death.

There are various window locks on the market, each with their various advantages. With such a large number of locks, how do you know which one to buy?

We have outlined some things to look out for when seeking the best window locks for your property below.

What are your windows and their frames made from?

You need to first identify the materials used for your window frame. Is it wood, aluminum or something else? Armed with this knowledge, your local Melbourne locksmith will be able to select and install locks that are designed specifically for your type of window frame.

What style is your window?

There are four common types of windows, sliding, swing, sash, and casement. Identifying the correct style of window can help you narrow down your lock options.

Not sure which style of window you have? Read on below.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows generally consist of two panes of glass. One is fixed in place and the second slides across a wooden or metal frame.

You may find that a push lock or bolt lock would be suitable for a sliding window.

Swing Windows

Swing windows open outwards and are usually hung from the top. They’re quite a popular window, which means that there are often a large array of different types of locks that are suited to this style of window.

The types of lock you can install for these windows include bolts, winders, push locks, and fasteners.

Sash (Double Hung) Windows

Sash windows are vertical sliding windows. They tend to slide upwards rather than across Of the two panes of glass, the upper pane is fixed in place, with the second pane moving up and down within the frame itself.

We would recommend cable restrictors and fitch fasteners as popular lock choices for this type of window.

Casement Windows

Casement windows can either be standalone windows or windows that are set as pairs within a single window frame. This type of window is hinged on one side and  opens outwards.

We would recommend push locks or bolt locks for securing a casement window.

With so many options available, how do you know which lock to choose? Contact Temple Locksmiths & Security for all your security needs.

Home and Contents Insurance

A major point to consider with window locks is are they key lockable? Most insurance companies will have in their policy wording the requirement for ‘keyed window locks’.

Ensure you understand your responsibilities to adhere to your insurance requirements as many insurance companies will not pay a claim if there are no keyed window locks at the property after a break in, regardless if the thief entered via a window or not.

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