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Should I get a key cut if it has ‘Do Not Copy’ printed on it?

can you cut a do not copy key

There are keys out there that have “do not copy” or “do not duplicate” stamped into them. But what does this really mean?

This information is standard stamping on all restricted key blanks, it indicates that the key forms part of a system of a higher level of security than a standard key that can be cut at your local hardware shop.

The products are manufactured out of higher grade metals to a very high design specification. They can’t be sold by unauthorised sellers nor purchased by unauthorised buyers.

What does a ‘restricted key system’ mean?

A restricted key system is a patent protected lock and key system.
This means that the lock cylinders and keys blanks are only available to approved and registered professional locksmiths such as
Temple Locksmiths & Security.

Registered key designs are patent protected and require specialised equipment to cut the keys to specific key cutting codes.
This offers another layer of protection and increased security.
All restricted key systems have a unique profile (shape of the key) which means standard style key blanks will not fit into the keyway of the restricted lock.

Do not copy keys expiry timeline.

A key holder who posses a ‘do not copy/restricted’ key may falsely believe that their key is secure and cannot be copied by anyone except the original locksmith who sold them the restricted system.

All quality restricted products are covered by patent protection, this ensures there are legal protections for 10 or more years from the introduction of the system to prevent unauthorised copying of the physical keys and lock parts by other manufacturers.

Once the patent protections have expired these once secure key products can then make their way into the mainstream and be copied, cut and used by other locksmiths and key cutters rendering the exclusivity and higher level of security obsolete.

When this situation eventually occurs it is time to upgrade your restricted locking products.

Contact Temple Locksmiths & Security if you are unsure if your key is a registered design or out of date.

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