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Ways to keep your rental property secure

how to keep your rental property secure

All landlords want to keep their rental property secure. Keeping your tenants safe by securing your property will ensure that you continue to collect rental income and reduce the risk of having to spend money on costly repairs to your premises.

We’ve outlined some easy ways in which you can improve the security of your property.

Restricted Master Key System

A restricted master key system ensures that keys to your property can only be duplicated with authorisation.

If you already have a restricted key system, we highly recommend you check to make sure that your key profile is still patent protected as the exclusivity sometimes only lasts 10 years. If it’s expired or close to expiring, get in touch with us to discuss upgrading to a protected system.

Having a restricted master key system will ensure that there are no unknown copies of your keys in circulation, minimising the risk of someone being able to access your property without your knowledge. We would recommend this for both short and long term lease properties.

Window Locks

Did you know that all strata building windows above ground and identified as safety risks for children must have safety locks installed? It’s a landlord’s responsibility to make sure that the locks are installed correctly and comply with Australian Standards and the Building Code of Australia. Having locks on all windows of any home is a small but effective way to enhance a properties security and ensure regulatory compliance.


Having motion sensor lights at the entrance of your home is quick and cheap way to improve the security of your property. Being able to light up your property at night is a huge deterrent for burglars, who rely on the dark to covertly break into homes. Not only does it help with security, but it also makes it easier for you to find the right keys and gain access quickly and easily. We would recommend adding lights at all entrances to your property.

Chat to a professional

Need professional advice on keeping your rental property secure? We are here to help. Contact Temple Locksmiths & Security today.

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