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The Difference Between a Locksmith & Handyman

From time to time we get calls from customers who have been disappointed by handymen who come out to their property only to learn that they can’t complete the job. Not only is this frustrating, but it wastes your time and money. Read on below to discover the differences between a locksmith and a handyman so you can avoid having unqualified jack of all trades attending your home.

Fitting a new door lock

Some good handymen may offer a lock fitting service as part of their business. Some of them are trained carpenters and may have relevant experience installing locks. That being said, a handful of these people will only install ‘same for same’ locks, which means they’ll install the same type of lock that is currently on your door by simply changing out the older one.

Others will install a brand new and different lock for you, but you’ll need to ask these questions before you hire anyone to ensure you aren’t going to do business with someone who will only damage your doors further and cost you a lot of money.

Locksmiths can also fit your new door lock, regardless of whether they’re the same or not. An advantage of calling a locksmith is that they can provide sound advice on your situation. Rather than just replacing your locks, a locksmith might advise you to upgrade or change your door’s hardware and give you suitable solutions based on your situation.

If required, locksmiths can provide a full service by assessing, designing, supplying, and fitting your security systems.


It’s difficult to find handymen who provide rekeying services. This means that if they install your new door handle, the key that would have worked on other doors in your home won’t work for the new one and you’ll be left with a separate, individual key for that one lock.

Calling a locksmith out to your property to look at your lock, along with the key you want it to match, and then rekeying that lock, will allow you to use the same key everywhere, this is called ‘keyed alike’.

Who would you recommend?

For a specialist service, a locksmith is an expert with many different locking options available for each and every situation. They’re highly trained to help ensure both you and your property are safe and secure.

Most handymen have a basic understanding of different locks. However, many of these may not have the experience nor qualifications required to make well informed hardware recommendations as it is outside their job description and expertise.

A professional locksmith will assess your situation and ask you the right question. Locksmiths in Australia have undergone years of training to become qualified, and this time is spent gaining knowledge and understanding of the industry so they can become the experts in security.

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