Locksmith Terminology: What You Need To Know

Locksmith Terminology: What You Need To Know

27 January 2021 Posted by templelogin blog

Locksmith Terminology: What You Need To Know

Speaking to a locksmith doesn’t need to be a daunting task. As a customer, providing the right information over the phone is vital to getting a quick and accurate quote and learning the industry lingo is one of the best ways to ensure your chosen locksmith can complete the job hassle-free.

Below is a list of common phrases used within the locksmith industry.


Rekeying a lock simply means replacing the original internal parts with new internal parts and recoding the current key of the lock to a new key, without replacing the lock body itself.

It is the service of choice when your locks are not broken, but rather simply want a new key to work your locks, excluding any other existing keys from opening the lock. A common example is if you’ve just moved houses.


Duplication is exactly how it sounds – it’s the process of duplicating or copying an existing key. Your locksmith can make single or multiple copies of a key which can be used as spares, for different family members or for staff at your business.

You will need an existing key to create a duplicate, however, if your key is worn or broken, you will need to check with your locksmith to see if they can duplicate it.

Duplicates are generally cheaper than having a new key created for a lock.


Cuts refers to the physical arrangement of the grooves of the key that engage with the locking mechanism. The cuts shows a locksmith how to create a particular key, to replace a lost key or duplicate a key.


Lock bumping is a lock picking technique for opening a lock using a specially crafted key called a bump key. A bump key must correspond to the lock for it to work correctly.

The process of gaining entry using a bump key is called ‘bumping’.

Strike Plate

A striking plate, sometimes known as a ‘striker’ is a metal plate attached to a door frame with a hole for the bolt of the door. When the door is closed, the bolt extends into the hole in the strike plate and holds the door closed.

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