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Is Your Garage Secure? Hear From A Locksmith

Many people use their garage to store expensive items such as bikes, golf clubs, lawn mowers, power tools, gym equipment and other personal items rather than just their vehicles.

Most bog-standard garages typically have poor physical security, this makes your garage an easy target for thieves looking to break in and steal your belongings.


How secure is the service door?

The first question to ask is how secure is the main service door? Internal entry access doors to the garage are commonly found within your house, but there are common garage designs when your service door is along the side of your property with access from outside.

External service doors are generally the first place a burglar will try to gain access.

To prevent or deter a burglar from breaking in, it’s best to make sure that you have a quality deadbolt or deadlatch installed on this door.

Temple Locksmiths and Security have a range of products that we recommend and install for such applications.


Invest in security cameras and motion sensors

A cost effective and efficient way to upgrade the security around your home is to invest in motion sensor lights.

A well lit entrance will help to prevent unwanted visitors from approaching your property as they’ll be clearly visible if they try to break into your garage during the night.

There are now motion sensors on the market that even send alerts to your smartphone when they detect movement. Some of these can be connected to a camera which will stream a live feed directly to your phone.

Security cameras also act as a great deterrent and they can provide evidence to the police should a break in occur.

If you need help upgrading the security of your garage contact Temple Locksmith & Security today.

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