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Should you upgrade to a digital smart lock for your home?

Are you considering updating your home locks to a digital smart lock? If you’ve decided to move on from the traditional ‘lock and key ’you can expect a new level of control not previously seen before.

Your first port of call should be calling Temple Locksmiths & Security to discuss your requirements and then we can inform you of the many quality products we recommend and supply.

Anything from creating different access levels for family members all the way to checking whether you locked the door once you’ve left the house is now possible. The evolution of smart lock technology has allowed for the birth of many products out there on the market today – making it that much harder to decide which product is the best for you.

If you’re looking for smart locks, here are a few considerations to keep in mind.

Different types of compatibility  

There are quite a number of different communication protocol systems which can be utilised with smart locks.

The most common connection that doesn’t require you to have WiFi is Bluetooth.

The advantages of having a Bluetooth connection is that you use less battery power than an integrated WiFi system. The drawback is that you’ll need to use a different communication protocol system if you wish to connect a smart lock to other devices in your home at the same time, such as WiFi.


Do you need a whole new lock? 

There are some smart lock upgrades which require you to replace your existing locks on each door. These products require you to completely remove any previously installed hardware before the new smart lock system can be installed.

However, getting a smart lock doesn’t have to mean retiring the deadbolt you’re already using. There are some solutions on the market that allow you to retrofit these locks onto your existing deadbolt. By doing so you can also keep your old keys handy as a backup to use if an emergency ever occurs.


How do you want to gain access? 

As mentioned previously, Bluetooth is a common choice when it comes to choosing a protocol system as it allows you to use any Bluetooth-enabled smart phone to control your lock. A phone is generally something that people keep on themselves at all times, so you’re less likely to lose it than a set of keys. You can also purchase smart locks that use other means of entry besides Bluetooth.

One such way is by using a PIN system. A PIN activated lock requires you to setup and remember a numeral-digit code so that your lock can be used at any time.

Other available options include smart locks with bio metrics, such as a fingerprint scanner. It’s worth considering having a key compatible lock as a backup just in case you forgot your PIN or lose your phone and have no way of getting into your home.

Take all of these options into consideration when deciding on the best smart locks in the market.

Research your options 

Do you have friends or colleagues that have smart locks installed? Chat to them and find out what they like and dislike about their setup.

Do they wish they had a PIN lock?
Do the regularly come home and their phone is flat so they can’t enter?
Do they wish they had a key compatible lock?

Finally, discuss your available options with a professional locksmith.
At Temple Locksmiths & Security, we can provide advice and assist you with making the right security decisions. 

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