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Ensure access to your home without the need for keys

We’ve all heard the story of when a child accidentally locks their parents out of the family home. If you’re a parent the chance of this happening to you might be a joy that your little person might give you. Having electronic locks installed on the doors in your home can help prevent unwanted lockouts and will allow you to regain entry to your home without the need for keys in your possession. You’ll have no stress and save significant money by not having to call a professional locksmith to let you in.

Temple Locksmiths offer a range of different electronic locks available for you to consider when upgrading your home to a keyless entry property.

Electronic locks will include a programmable keypad, this will allow the user to key in a pin code to open the lock. Some of the lock features to gain entry include bluetooth access via a smart phone or smart watch, a swipe card or key fob. The professional quality range of smart locks that Temple Locksmiths and Security recommend, sell and install will often feature a physical key override so if your phone isn’t available or you can’t recall the pin code you can still gain access to the home.

Controlling access

Once an electronic lock has been installed into your home the administrator of the lock can control access rights to who can enter the property and at what time they can come in by providing a unique entry code to individual users.

When programming an electronic home lock, you can choose to grant certain people access rights, whether 24/7 for the residents or perhaps on a Tuesday between 11am and 1pm if there is a cleaner or tradesperson visiting.

A detailed audit trail can be accessed from the quality electronic locks we sell which shows who entered and at what time. A useful tool to maintaining control over who enters your home.

Want to know whether electronic home locks are suitable for your home? Contact Temple Locksmiths & Security.

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