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$45 Cheap Locksmiths near me – Are they the real deal?

If you Google “cheap locksmith” or “locksmith near me” you’ll notice an increasing amount of locksmith websites and ads promising you the best locksmithing services for $35 or $45. Some with ‘no callout fee’.

But are these ‘offers ’too good to be true?

Sadly, yes they are. These $35-$45 locksmith offers are likely to be a scams. In recent year there has been a massive increase in the volume of both new websites and new ads offering deals that are too good to be true.

A joint media statement was released between Consumer Protection and the Western Australia Police Force on May 2nd, 2019 which read:

Consumer Protection and the WA Police Force are alarmed at the high number of incidents of home owners utilising the services of unlicensed security installers, and may be unknowingly inviting criminals into their home.

These possibly dodgy businesses and individuals advertise their services on websites such as Gumtree as well as on social media, offering to install alarm systems, CCTV cameras, security doors and locks, often at below market prices.

Instead of hiring tradespeople who are qualified to carry out such work, consumers and businesses are putting the security of their home and premises at risk by not checking if these individuals or businesses are licensed by the WA Police Force.

Checks carried out by Police as part of their compliance and audit process reveal that there are many unlicensed operators in the marketplace who are unqualified, have a criminal record or are persons of interest to Police.

More than 50 unlicensed operators have been identified advertising their services in the past two years.

Temple Locksmiths & Security are a full member of the Locksmith Guild of Australia, we’re professionally and ethically bound to provide quality products, services and pricing to our customers. Our Locksmiths are fully trade qualified, police checked and insured tradespeople who guarantee you quality workmanship combined with an eye for detail.

As the old saying goes “A good tradesman isn’t cheap and a cheap tradesman isn’t good”, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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