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How much will it cost for a locksmith to come to you?

In order to offer our customers pricing, Temple Locksmiths will need to establish the following things:

  • The service they are performing.
  • Time and labour costs doing the job.
  • Cost of parts to install or replace.
  • The service call fee.

All of the factors above will affect how much it may cost for a qualified and experienced locksmith to perform work on your home or business premises.

When hiring a locksmith, you’re not just hiring the person, you’re also getting access to someone who has spent 4 years at trade school and completed a comprehensive apprenticeship to become a trade qualified professional.They’ve gained the knowledge and experience to advise you on a wide range of security issues, the latest products, technologies and skills which are continually honed and improved.

Simply put, hiring the correct locksmith goes beyond just getting someone to cut keys for you and open a locked door.

After hours emergency service

Most people have set work hours. Once your day is over, the chances of getting called back to work or emailed to do any work-related activities are low.

This isn’t the case for after hours emergency locksmiths.

An emergency locksmith works on call after hours between 5pm and 7am weekdays and is on call all weekend. The professional locksmith expects that the phone will ring at any time so they’re ready and equipped to respond rapidly to serve their customer’s emergency needs and provide solutions.

If you’re calling a locksmith outside of normal business hours, you can expect that you’ll be charged a premium rate for a rapid emergency after hours service.

If you can choose to schedule your locksmith job for a business hours visit you’ll pay a lower rate than an after hours emergency service.

Supplied parts

If a new part is required to repair or replace your lock, your locksmith will let you know prior to installing anything and discuss the reason for the parts, the price and options with you before the work is commenced to ensure you understand why and are happy for new parts to be fitted.

If you’re looking for a qualified locksmith with unparalleled service and advice, contact Temple Locksmiths & Security today

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