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My Property Got Burgled, What Do I Do Next?

If the worst happens and your home or business property is broken in to and burgled there will be feelings of fear, insecurity and frustration, things that will have ongoing effects for you.

If your property has been broken in to use the following as a guide on how to proceed. 

  1. Call the police  

If you a family member or employee are in immediate danger, or a crime is currently occurring, call the police on triple zero (000). 

If there is no immediate danger, report the crime to police by; 

  • Going to your local police station to report the burglary 

When you report a crime like a burglary to the police, insist they can come and attend the scene, secure the location, provide advice on how to make sure your home is safe and collect evidence, ensure you obtain a police report for insurance purposes. 

   2. Attend to urgent repairs immediately  

Once the police have ensured your home is safe, look around your home and address any urgent issues that need fixing. 

A device may be stolen that contains sensitive information such as your passwords, credit card numbers and banking details. 

You will need ensure that if any devices are stolen from your property that you call your bank, report what has happened and update and change all of your passwords. 

  3. Contact your insurer  

If you have an insurance policy covering your property, you may be able to make a claim for the cost of replacing or repairing your stolen and damaged goods, you can also claim locksmith repair services from your insurance company. 

It’s best to contact your insurance company for more information on how this process works and what information you’ll need to provide. 

  4. What can I do to prevent home burglary?  

Check out the Home and Property page on the Victoria Police website, which outlines how to secure your home and vehicle, how to report crimes, how to report lost property and additional resources designed to help residents assess the security of their home. 

If you need help with security recommendations, please contact Temple Locksmiths & Security.

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