25 June 2021 Posted by templelogin blog

Sliding glass door lock repairs

It does not matter whether your sliding door is 2 years or 20 years old, having a sliding door lock that doesn’t work is frustrating and presents a security risk to your home or business.

Typical reasons for your locks not working include wear and tear and debris jamming the lock mechanism. In some instances, the lock can be repaired rather than replaced.

If your lock does need to be replaced, you will not need to change your entire sliding glass door, instead, a locksmith can fit a new lock into your existing door. Doing this will give your door new life, save you money and ensure your home is secure.

There are a wide variety of locks on the market today that can be fitted to your existing door but choosing the correct type of lock is important.

Our professional locksmiths can assist you by recommending and installing a suitable lock for your sliding door.

There are cheap sliding glass door locks on the market, however a professional locksmith would never recommend these as they may compromise your security. Always choose a lock from a well-known brand and ensure they’ve been industry tested.

If you need advice or help with the installation of a new lock on your sliding glass door, contact Temple Locksmiths & Security.

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