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common door lock issuesYou use them every day, but you may not take much notice of your door locks until something goes wrong or they stop functioning.

Below we’ll uncover 3 of the most common door lock problems you might face, and situations that our locksmiths in Eltham, Warrandyte & Healesville experience daily.

Your locks become dirty or faulty 

Over time, locks can build up dirt, dust, and grime. Dirt and dust can easily be transferred into locks via the use of keys. This may not seem significant, but over time this dust can build up within the lock and cause keys to jam.  

General wear and tear can also lead to your locks becoming faulty. To maintain the integrity of your locks, it’s a good idea to clean them often. By simply cleaning your locks once a month, you can extend the lifespan of your hardware. 

Locks are loose or misaligned 

Another common problem you might encounter is your locks being misaligned or loose on your door. Loose or misaligned locks can be caused by incorrect installation or can be issues that develop on existing locks over time.  

Depending on where you live and what the climate is like, unfavourable weather conditions may cause your doors to warp, expand, or contract. This kind of movement on your doors can lead to locks no longer aligning correctly. 

Your key no longer works 

Sometimes your key just doesn’t want to turn in your lock, and on some occasions, it breaks in the lock, and you’re stuck with a part of your key lodged inside.  

There are several reasons why your key might not work with your lock. Some of the more common reasons include: 

  • Wear and tear on your key 
  • The grooves of your key are worn, bent, or broken 
  • Your lock is dirty and may have dust or dirty inside that can have an impact on your key inserting and turning your lock. 

If you need help with your door locks, contact Temple Locksmiths & Security today!

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