Burglary & Break In Crime Rates For Eltham, Melbourne in 2022
15 March 2022 Posted by templelogin blog

Burglary & Break In Crime Rates For Eltham, Melbourne in 2022

Crime Rate in Eltham, Melbourne

Break ins and burglaries impact thousands of Victorian households and businesses every year. These traumatising criminal incidents often lead to physical damage, loss of assets and significant psychological distress. In this post, we outline the recent rates of burglary in Eltham, detailing why you should invest in securing your home.

36,702 Victorian buildings have been broken into in the last year. In addition to the loss of valuable items and property damage caused during the break in, these events can be very distressing for all involved, causing fear and a lost sense of security. The victims of a break in may also experience psychological harm including PTSD, insomnia or anxiety. Unfortunately, these incidents can also involve crimes against the person such as assault.

The financial impact of burglary extends beyond replacing any stolen items such as electronics, major items like cars or stock in the case of retailers. The locks of the building must also be replaced, stolen IDs or keys must be managed and damage caused by the break in must be repaired.

Many people think their property is not a target due to their location. Sadly, these incidents occur in all neighbourhoods, including the Eltham area. The Victorian Government releases annual crime statistics, detailing incidents that have occurred in every suburb and council area. In Eltham (postcode 3095), there were 61 burglary/ break-in incidents recorded between March 2018 and March 2019. In the same time period ending March 2020, there was a decrease in incidents down to 52.

If a premises lacks security, it can be easier for a criminal to gain access. For example, having windows without locks, broken locks or no active alarm system. It is also vital to ensure you utilise security measures already installed at your home or business. Remember to double check that doors and windows have been locked before leaving. If you have an alarm or camera system, ensure it is working and maintained regularly.

Keeping your home, belongings and family safe is a worthwhile investment that will save extensive stress and money if a break in were to occur. An Eltham locksmith can help to secure your dwelling by installing or repairing locks you can rely on.

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