28 April 2021 Posted by templelogin blog

Do I Need New House Keys?

When people move into a new rented or purchased home they sometimes do not realise the importance of changing the locks and keys. When you’re ready to move in it’s a smart idea to get a locksmith to evaluate the security of your new home.

If you are moving into a new or existing home don’t assume that the locks have already been changed. There is a real chance the original keys may have been copied and an unknown person has possession of keys that operate the property you have just moved into. This can pose a security risk of unauthorised persons easily entering your new home.

Any property that was a rental property before you owned it is strongly recommended to have its locks changed. Even if you’re the first owners of the home, new estates and ex-display homes are a popular target for thieves. Replacing the locks in your home gives you peace of mind, allowing you to know who has access to your property.

A locksmith’s services extent beyond cutting new keys or replacing locks. If you are concerned about the level of security at your property, you may ask your locksmith about other security upgrade options, including:

These added solutions are a cost effective investment in your security with greater functionality that traditional locks and keys don’t offer and you’ll benefit from a greater level of protection.

When changing your locks, consider whether you will replace or upgrade the existing system.

A locksmith like Temple Locksmiths & Security can provide advice and a quote based on your access and security requirements before they arrive at your home.

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