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The Most Common Ways A Burglar Will Enter Your Home

Statistics show that 75% of burglars take less than 5 minutes to enter a property.

What’s more concerning is that they’re simply accessing homes via common entry points.

5 minutes really isn’t a long time for someone to break into your home and have direct access to your belongings and your family. There are ways you can deter these people from entering your property or increase the time and effort they’ll need to get in.

Below we’ve outlined 3 common ways a burglar might enter your property. 

Through an unlocked door 

40% of burglars have been known to gain entry to a house through an unlocked door. All they need to do is turn the handle and they’ve got instant access to your home. Crime opportunities can be stopped if you ensure that your doors are locked at all times. 

By breaking doors or windows 

Smashing windows and breaking open fragile doors is a common occurrence to gain forceful entry to a home.

Factors like what time of the day it is, how visible your doors and windows are to your neighbours, and how close your located to your neighbours are all risk factors that burglars may take into consideration before trying to enter your home.

Installing roller shutters on all of your windows can act as a strong deterrent to criminals. 

Entering through an unlocked window 

When doors are locked criminals usually check to see whether any windows are open. Having open and unlocked windows is the third most used entry point for a burglar.

Before you leave your home, check that all your windows have been shut and locked and that the keys aren’t within eyeshot.

For windows on a second floor, ensure that ladders are not easily accessible for use by an opportunistic burglar.

The first step to improving the security around your home is to understand these common burglar entry points and ensuring that you’ve taken every precaution to secure them.

You can dramatically reduce the risk of being burgled just by remembering to lock your doors and windows. An unlocked home is an easy target for someone looking to take advantage at the right time.

It also makes it harder to detect what was stolen, or if anyone was even in your home if they don’t cause any physical property damage while inside.

These break ins can also be used for scouting a location and checking what goods are inside. If you’re looking to improve your home security, contact Temple Locksmiths & Security today!

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