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Advantages To Buying A Key Safe Lock Box For Your Home

Gone are the days of leaving your spare key under the doormat, in the fuse box, or in a fake rock. Buying a key safe lock box will give you peace of mind with added security.

Key lock boxes generally have a four digit numerical code to access the door. There are a range of key safe lock boxes available on the market varying in size and style. Depending which type you buy, some of these boxes can be wall mounted, while others can lock directly on things like the a water pipe attached to the building.

Below we’ve outlined 3 advantages to using a key safe lock box.

1) They’re convenient 

Keeping a spare key onsite can be convenient if you’re the type of person who often leaves the house without your keys or accidentally locks yourself out while doing something simple like putting the bins out. 

If you’ve stayed at an AirBnb in recent years then there’s a good chance you’ve used a key safe before. They have become a necessity for short term rental owners as they help with easy exchanging of keys. The combination code on the key safe lock box can be changed easily to help maintain security and control of access when many different parties have access to the box over time.

2) They’re great for emergencies 

Most people have a spare key close by in case of an unforeseen emergency. Providing the code for the key box to a person that needs access to your property immediately can reduce a lot of stress and hassle. Having an external key safe lock box can be used by emergency services to gain access to a home if the occupant is unable to answer or open the door.

3) You can keep a spare set for your children

A key safe is a great way to leave spare keys for your kids without having to worry about them carrying or losing your house keys. Keeping spare keys in the safe will give your children more independence and responsibility to travel around your area.

If you’d like to find out more information on key safes and how they can help you, contact Temple Locksmiths & Security today.

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