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Summer Security Tips

The summer holiday break is coming up soon, people are looking forward to going away for a few weeks, visiting friends and relatives. If you’re leaving home for some time maybe consider the following for your home or business.

Turn Some Lights On

When you’re away you want your property to look like it’s lived in, like some one is there. Consider leaving some lights on, use some timer switches so the TV and radio turn on at certain times. Don’t draw all the curtains so it looks like you’re away.

Tidy Up Your Yard

Before you head off do a check around the property, check that rubbish isn’t laying about the place, ensure bikes, toys, tools and machinery are put away and locked up. Put padlocks on gates and sheds and try to make it less attractive to a thief who may be walking past.

Don’t Leave Your Letterbox Full

When you head off on that summer break ensure you don’t have letters and junk mail filling your letterbox. Nothing says ‘I\’m not home’ faster than a stuffed letterbox. Either have a neighbour collect your mail or get the post office to hold it.

Get A Friend To Drop Past

While you’re away consider having a friend drop past regularly to water you plants and check on the place. Have them put your bins out once a week also. It may deter a thief if they see someone coming and going on a regular basis.

Don’t Leave Christmas Boxes Out

If you’re heading off just after Christmas and the bins haven’t been emptied before you leave ensure you haven’t left any packaging for some lovely electronic presents laying around. Nothing says ‘pick me’ faster to a thief than the new big screen TV or PlayStation box sitting outside for all to see. Hide that stuff and dispose of it smartly.

Are All The Locks Working?

Have you checked that all the door and window locks are working correctly in your home or business before you head off for Christmas break?

We’ve also created a comprehensive home security checklist. If you’d like a professional to secure your home this summer, give Temple Locksmiths and Security a call. We’ll come and inspect your physical security to ensure what is valuable to you is protected.

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