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Where should I install a safe in my home?

The best place to lock away valuable items in your home is securely in a safe. But where do you install your safe securely?

Before considering which safe is right for your requirements, it’s best to plan and decide where it’ll be installed. You will also need to consider the type of safe you want to buy based upon what items you’ll store inside it.

If you buy a heavy, solid, well manufactured safe which is professionally installed it makes life difficult for burglars who have broken into your house to remove it. If they’re desperate and stupid, they’ll try to stay in your home and attempt to open it. This puts them at a greater risk of being caught by either you or the police. .

But not everybody has the need, room or budget for a large safe.

It all comes down to what you are storing. A smaller safe can be used to store jewellery, sensitive docu-ments or even items with sentimental value. There are a huge range of smaller safes which can still be bolted to the floor to help reduce the risk of someone removing it from your home or business.


well-hidden safe is a good safe 

Smaller safes give you the advantage of hiding them anywhere around your home. The most popular storage place is in the master bedroom, within the wardrobe.

However, this is the most popular choice to look for a would-be burglar if they entered your home. It is strongly recommended that you do not not choose to hide your safe here, and find a more obscure place to hide it.

One such consideration would be to bolt down your safe underneath a sink either in the kitchen, bath-room or laundry. This is one place that burglars are less likely to check.

The trick to a good hiding spot is to think of ordinary, boring places within your home that rarely get at-tention and are out of the way. This will help keep your safe undetected. If you have a linen cupboard, or a storage cupboard in the laundry, then this may also be a good place. If you’ve lived in your home for many years, then there’s a good chance that your cupboards are filled with ‘stuff’, which can be time consuming for a burglar to go through and search.

It’s highly recommended to never install a safe in your garage. A garage is generally filled with the perfect ‘safe opening’ tools which will make breaking into your safe a lot quicker and easier. If a burglar does happen to find a safe in your house, you want to make it as hard as possible for them to be able to remove or open it and removing access to tools is one great way to do this.

It’s also possible to install in-ground or wall safes, however these are trickier to install and will require professional help. They’re designed to be extremely hard to find, so they may be a good choice based upon your needs.

Each property is different, and you’ll have to decide which is the best safe for your needs.

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