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What Is Construction Keying?


Different types of keying systems and locks can play an important role when managing the security of a construction site. Construction keying systems are designed to give contractors access to a building during construction where necessary. They allow control to specific areas on a work site. Different levels of key access can be provided, which gives you the power to pick and choose which locks they open.

A benefit of construction keying is the money saved, as you don’t have to rekey a site when the building is completed. Instead, access to the contractors can be easily revoked once building is complete.

For example, during the building process of an apartment building, lock hardware is installed. A key is then given to the electricians, plumbers, and plasterers to access each of the apartments so they can do their jobs. The issue here is that more and more people now have keys and access to your new apartment.

But how does construction keying work? Well, as soon as the master key has been used in the lock it prevents the ‘construction keys’ from working with the lock any further. This means that once the master key is used, the keys given to the electricians and plumbers will no longer grant them access into the apartments.

Do you need construction keying?  

If you’re looking for a construction keying system created by a trustworthy locksmith for your next work site, call Temple Locksmiths & Security today on 0468 333 500.

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Mischa Temple

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