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Benefits of Electronic Access Locks


1. Avoid accidental lockouts

Have you ever left your keys inside? Stepping out to get the mail and the door slams behind you. Have your children pulled the door closed when you were outside? This has either happened to your or know of someone it has.

It happens more than you would think. By having a locksmith install electronic locks on your home front door you can regain entry if you find yourself in this situation without keys.
There’s a vast array of electronic home locks on the market. These include locks with keypads that allow you to enter your pin code that will open the lock, as well as can be programmed to work with your smartphone.

Even if you have left your phone inside while you just run out to pop the rubbish in the bin, at the same time your child accidentally shut the door locked, you can just manually punch in your entry code and voila!

You’re back inside the house!

2. Easily allow access

Sometimes things happen and we need someone else to access our house.

These electronic locks generally allow you to program multiple entry codes. You might want to set up a code for your parents to use.

Most of the locks come with an app which once installed on your phone allow you to see what codes have accessed the lock and when, lock and unlock from the phone itself, and manage other information regarding the lock security including battery life.

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