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If you are residing in the expansive suburb of Eltham and in need of a locksmith, call Temple Locksmith & Security on 0468 333 500. Temple Locksmiths are a fully mobile locksmith service provider equip to provide round-the-clock emergency locksmith services.

Eltham is a place where residents can enjoy the serenity of a bushland vibe along with all the conveniences of modern-day suburban life. One such convenience is provided by Temple Locksmith & Security, which is available at all hours of the day to provide assistance in any part of Eltham.

This peaceful suburb attracts many middle-aged and older couples, both with children and without, with its relaxed pace and easy-going lifestyle. Houses in Eltham–many fairly large–take advantage of the green surroundings with gardens, swimming pools, and spacious backyard entertaining areas. Homes in Eltham often carry a 70s or 80s vibe but may also feature some notably contemporary renovations.

For recreation, residents can venture out on lovely nature walks or explore a famous artist colony established in the 1930s. Indeed, as a true Melbourne suburb, Eltham has a prominent artsy streak and the proud home of Montsalvat. In addition to the nearly five hectares of artistic houses, historic buildings, majestic halls and rich gardens, the artist colony of Montsalvat houses a restaurant and features craft exhibits by its resident artisans. For more entertainment and artistic expression, residents can visit the Performing Arts Centre.

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Because Eltham caters to many families with young children, primary and secondary schools are in plentiful supply and there are good options available for both public and private education. In addition to local trains and buses, Eltham has convenient access to the freeway for a nice drive to the Melbourne CBD.

It is said that Eltham is “like going bush but not going without” and when it comes to locksmith and services it rings truer than ever. Temple Locksmith & Security offers a complete range of mobile and emergency locksmith services.

Our highly qualified technicians are on call for 24/7 locksmith services and ready to help you with emergency and security needs. Give us a ring.

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